Coaching shouldn't be a guessing game

Become the impactful coach you were meant to be. Get into the heads of your clients by reading and responding to their personal online journals and communicating with them in between coaching sessions. Stop the guess work!
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What is it?

What is JournalEngine®?

It's the system for coaches. Coach better, coach more effectively and coach more efficiently.

What is JournalEngine®?

JournalEngine® is a platform that enables your clients to journal with you daily and interactively, sharing their most personal thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. Break the noise and add tremendous value.

Be Interactive

When you bring JournalEngine® to the table, you empower your clients and/or your team to share their deepest thoughts as soon they arise. You are given private access to their journals with the power to respond any time.

Building Trust

JournalEngine® uses state of the art technology to ensure the security of your coaching programs while providing a secure and private platform for deep, intimate conversation. 


Asking clients to journal with you provides a means for them to document their own journey and growth. Their older journals will also provide a clear sense of the benefit of coaching over time.
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JE® Course Runners is for coaches, leaders and mentors who understand the importance of journaling with their clients.
JE® White Label is for Coaches who want to deliver their content
with their own branding and unique coaching experience


These are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, click the button below to contact us!
What the heck is JournalEngine®?
A successful coach or leader needs data. Timely, relevant, transparent data.  In real time. This is why journaling has such a profound impact on the coaching process.  JournalEngine® is a platform that enables your clients to journal with you daily and interactively, sharing their most personal thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. It is how we built our sister brand, Frame of Mind Coaching®, and it's how we give you the tools to set yourself apart from all the other coaches in the field. Break the noise and add tremendous value.
Who is JournalEngine® for?
If you are a coach looking to add more value and retain more clients, or you are a team leader who is looking to build a better, stronger team, then you need to experience JE®. Journaling is a game changer in coaching - allowing you to stay in contact with your clients in between sessions, and offering coaching and support exactly when your people need it most. 
Can't my clients just email me journals instead?
Yeah, they could. But often people accidentally send emails to the wrong place or lose important information amongst the sea of incoming emails. And then there's the junk folder where things often wind up. Not to mention the time lag between receiving emails and finding the time to respond to them. It’s much better to avoid the lack of privacy and organization with a private & secure solution. Get notified the second your client posts a journal. Respond immediately with the touch of a button that takes you straight to their journal. It just makes more sense.
Do you have an Open API?
No. JournalEngine® is safe and secure and gathers no data. It sounds silly, but when all other software programs seek to gather and sell information, it's important for you to know that we don't subscribe to any of that madness. Your courses (or your White Label site) are for you and your people only. 


Here are some testimonials from our amazing clients :)
When used in coaching, journaling creates the means for the client to get in touch with themselves on a much deeper level, to see more options, get answers to questions and ultimately make better choices.
Dana Treffler
Rosewood Business Solutions
In my experience journaling allows the client to freely express exactly what they are thinking in an unfiltered way.  As a coach it gives me the opportunity to really get a good sense of how a client views things, their thinking patterns and their beliefs; journalling allows the coaching experience to be both enriched as well as accelerated as coaching occurs in the the journals between the coaching calls which leads to a deeper connection between myself as the coach and my clients.
Lynn Stevens
FOM Coach, Ignite HR
Journaling as a central part of my coaching program enabled me to look deeper into my thoughts and witness my habits and patterns firsthand in the journal in front of me. With this new perspective, I was able to change my processing for more constructive and rationale thoughts-in turn leading to better outcomes in my personal and professional life! So grateful for this process and the progress I have been able to achieve with it!
Brian Friedman
L'Oréal Canada
It's as simple as this: The client journals. They journal daily, sometimes hourly- in volumes or even a sentence or two. They share their stories, their secrets, their thoughts and emotions. These journals become the gateway to identifying their beliefs. The deeper we dive, the more their beliefs unearth. The more unearthed, examined and challenged, the greater the client determines this to be a life changing experience!
Chari Schwartz
Frame of Mind Coaching®
JournalEngine® is unique and accessible, allowing me to be there for my clients more than I ever thought I could be. There are more opportunities for guidance and self -reflection and I can monitor and track their progress with ease. I am able to see a clear path on how to support them next.
Jesse Schwartz
As a coach, seeing a client’s journal gives me a deep look “behind the curtain” into their thinking and behavior which allows me to see and connect dots between sessions so we can spend more time going deep and moving forward.
Taylor Jobe
Entrepreneur & Coach
Journaling allows me, as a coach, to probe my client’s thinking differently. It allows me to dig deeper to get the full story, to step back and pick up on nuances that might fly by in conversation. Without a doubt, journaling is one of the most transformative aspects of coaching, as both client and coach.
Gavriella Kroo
Executive Coach
When responding to clients' journals, coaches are able to provide valuable insights and guidance. Coaches can help clients identify their strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals, and develop a plan of action to achieve those goals. This level of support and guidance can help clients achieve success and happiness in all areas of their lives.
Moreover, the positive impact of coaching extends beyond the client. As a coach, you have the power to inspire others, create positive change in the world, and be an agent of transformation. Ultimately, the reward of being a coach is knowing that you have made a positive difference in people's lives.
Jaqueline Paquin Robert
Journaling is like a catalog of a clients thoughts. From there, it’s much easier to identify the areas where a client can improve their thoughts.
Frank Furbacher
Journaling is like magic. That said, let’s rewind. Before Frame of Mind Coaching®, I never journaled ... ever. As with most new things, it was strange and did not come easily. That’s the beauty of journaling - you don’t have to be good at it - the magic will happen anyway. When I write about a struggle - once the words are written down, it’s as if the problem is separate from me. Reading the words gives me a new perspective. It’s like a friend who is confiding in me. I have no idea how it works, and I can’t explain why, but I start feeling better knowing help from my coach is on the way.
Betsy Jasper
Journaling not only provided a steady source of content — both personal and professional — for my coach and me to dive into, but it also allowed for continuous progress and communication in between sessions.
Josh Feuerstein
True Bird
In my experience, our journaling component is the secret sauce to Frame of Mind coaching.  It allows us to take our clients further, faster.  It also allows us to be right there with our clients every step of the way.  This creates deep, rich relationships (which I love!) enhancing the process and experience.
Rebecca Woodring
Frame of Mind Coaching®
Who would have thought that journaling would completely change my mindset and the person that I am today?
Stanley Meytin
Entrepreneur & Investor
Journaling takes us deep, fast! It allows me to understand a client's narrative quickly and move straight into addressing the big rocks. Equipped with the journal, weekly meetings are meaty and productive!
Edward Powers
Leadership Coach
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